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The Most Powerful ATM Card on the Planet
Two Cards...One Account...Does It All!
ATM, Debit, Bank, Virtual & Money Transfer Card
The PrePaidATM Card is the only Card that can be used on the Internet for purchasing goods and services where the website does not know your card number. The only information a website receives is your account code. No names, personal information or the number of your Card is ever given. This is PRIVACY!
The Purchase Process: Back to top
Purchasing goods and services online with your PrePaidATM Card is easy.

When at a participating Merchant, click on the payment method PrePaidATM and a window will appear, taking you directly to PrePaidATM's secure website
Make sure the address showing in your browser starts off with
Enter your account code and security code to enter our secure website
A page will appear which has your date of birth on it, which confirms that you have entered our site

Verify the amount of the transaction
The account code of the Merchant website is displayed
Make sure the box is checked that says receiver pays the fees
Check the box for a deliverable product if applicable
Enter your 4 digit pin code and submit form

After your transaction is completed, return to the Merchant website

Note: Some online merchants of PrePaidATM might not be automated, yet still accept our Card. In this case, treat the transaction like any other Card to Card transfer. All you need is the merchants account code to transfer funds to them.

These are the casinos that accept PrePaid ATM. PrePaid ATM is becoming widely accepted in the major online casinos. PrePaid ATM is safe, secure and easy to use.


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